How to make Scentsy samples

I hope you are all having a lovely Easter!

Stuffed full of Easter chocolate, I’m settling down for an afternoon in front of 102 Dalmatians on BBC1, with a massive mug of tea, and I’m planning a session of Scentsy sample making.

Ask a hundred different Scentsy consultants how they make their scent samples and you are likely to get a hundred different methods.  So here is how I make mine:

Having decided which fragrances I want to make today’s samples from, I set my own Scentsy warmers to work earlier.  After gently warming the wax (whilst also making my home smell fantastic!) I filled these lovely little lozenge-shaped moulds with my chosen Scentsy waxes.  Some might use different methods to warm their waxes, with varying success, but in my mind the whole idea of enjoying Scentsy, even when sample-making, is enjoying the fragrances as they warm in the warmer, so my method of melting my ‘sample’ wax may well take longer, but I think it is much more enjoyable!

Making samples - 1

I popped the filled moulds into the freezer, to firm up a little, and so I could just take them out when I was ready to use them.  To protect from freezer-burn I slide the moulds into a Ziploc freezer bag.  Chilling the samples in the freezer will also make them pop out of the moulds much more easily.
My moulds actually came from a friend who was clearing out some sweet-making supplies.  I have no idea where she got them from originally, but any small moulds will work just as well.

Next up is assembling all the stuff I need to put my samples together:

making samples 2

Small Ziploc baggies, to put each sample in

making samples 3

Stickers to go on each baggie.  I also write on each sticker the name of the wax sample.

2013-01-26 sample stickers

making samples 5

I like enclosing Product Sheets with the samples, so I need my pad of Product Sheets, and also stickers with my contact details, to put on each sheet.

making samples 6

Cover sheets, to finish off the ‘Sample Pack’.

making samples 7

And finally A5 cellophane bags, to put it all in to.

making samples 8

And Voila !

making samples 9

A pile of sample packs – ready to put in my handbag, to go everywhere that I go :-)
I carry my business cards too, but I’ve found most people much prefer to receive a free scent sample. I think we all prefer to smell, touch, taste, or hear something before we’re truly sold on it.   Scentsy is no different, and a business card simply cannot convey just how good this stuff smells!

Any questions, just ask away in the comments section ;-)

Want one?  Contact me :-)

Now, I’m popping the kettle on, and getting back to my sample-making and those adorable Dalmatians…

102 Dalmatians

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Introducing Roosevelt the Rabbit

Isn’t he adorable?

Roosevelt the Rabbit, CHI, Ire

He’s not the Easter Bunny, but every sale of Roosevelt will put more than a smile on a child’s face! Why? Because Roosevelt the Rabbit is our current Charitable Cause Buddy.

Having a healthy child is one of life’s greatest gifts.  Unfortunately, some children battle serious illnesses or life-altering injuries.  Every purchase of Roosevelt the Rabbit, in Ireland, will benefit the very worthy Children in Hospital Ireland charity (formerly “Yoobyoo”).

Each year in Ireland, more than 270,000 children are hospitalised, with more than 100,000 children averaging a three-night stay.

Children are among our most vulnerable patients, struggling against fear and anxiety, especially for those separated from their families.

Children in Hospital Ireland (CHI) is a voluntary organisation committed to promoting and ensuring the welfare of all children in hospital as well as their families, bringing them support and fun. With daily play sessions, provided by the organisation’s 400 volunteers, that support child patients, parents, and hospital staff, CHI reaches 20 hospital wards and playrooms nationwide.

Since 1970, CHI’s team of staff, supporters and volunteers have been playing a major role in initiating and furthering changes in how children are cared for in Irish hospitals.

In Ireland, your purchase of the Roosevelt the Rabbit Scentsy Buddy (€36, VAT inclusive, includes one Scent Pak) will support Children In Hospital Ireland, allowing it to continue to support all children in hospital and their families. €6.50 will be donated from the sale of each Roosevelt to CHI.

For customers in the UK, Bliss is the nominated charity for Roosevelt the Rabbit.  Bliss works together with doctors and nurses to improve the care that premature and sick babies receive, while supporting anxious families with counselling, message boards, support groups, and advice.

In the UK, your purchase of the Roosevelt the Rabbit Scentsy Buddy (£30, VAT inclusive, includes one Scent Pak) will support Bliss, allowing it to continue its work to support premature and sick babies, and to bring comfort to families when they need it most.  £5.50 will be donated from the sale of each Roosevelt to Bliss.

(Simply click “Country/Language” in the top right corner of my Scentsy website, to switch between countries/currencies)

Roosevelt the Rabbit - Bliss, UK


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My Top 10 Scentsy Fragrances

I keep my Scentsy stock records on an excel file, not only to show what I have here on hand for upcoming craft fairs and events, but also to record what I have sold through direct customer orders, the aforementioned craft fairs, Scentsy parties etc.

Crunching numbers and analysing my sales, best sellers and so on is something I love doing.  I swear I should have been an accountant, working through numbers, and making things tally makes me happy.

So here, from when I first started selling Scentsy in February 2012, are my Top 10 best-selling Scentsy Bars – whilst these are my best sellers, as chosen by my customers, the majority of them would be in my personal top ten too:

 top ten

  1. Clean Breeze - 'Favrourites' Category

    Clean Breeze

     Clean Breeze is a very firm favourite, who wouldn’t want the bright, fresh scent of line-dried, clean linen throughout their house!  On these glorious warm and sunny Spring days you can throw open the windows and let the fresh air in, and on those less-glorious Spring days, keep the windows firmly closed & warm Clean Breeze instead = same difference!

  2. French Lavender - 'Favourites' category

    French Lavender

    Another choice from the Favourites collection, there is something so soothing and relaxing about the French Lavender scent.  It reminds me of the lavender growing in the garden, when I was a child.

  3. Luna


    Luna frequently features in the top sellers when we get the figures from Scentsy HQ, and I agree, its one of my favourites too.  For me it’s a warm and comforting fragrance, and in my mind it smells how a hug ‘feels’.

  4. White Tea & Cactus

    White Tea & Cactus

    For me White Tea & Cactus has layers of fragrance woven into the experience.  I hesitate to call it complex, but there is plenty going on with that little bar.  In a different rooms, at different times, even in different weather, different scent notes come to the fore and it always seems to deliver just what I’m looking for.

  5. Sweet Pea & Vanilla

    Sweet Pea & Vanilla

     As a student I worked in a country pub in West Sussex, and during the spring & summer the landlady loved to decorate the pub throughout with fresh-cut flowers each day.  Warming this bar brings back lovely memories of driving to a local smallholder to see what flowers and vegetables they had in their ‘honesty’ box each day, and heading to work laden with bunches of sweet peas and Freesia, ready to be put in vases and placed in various locations around the pub.

  6. Baked Apple Pie

    Baked Apple Pie

    I have to hold my hands up, this wouldn’t be in my personal top ten,  I honestly couldn’t tell you why though, because I love apple pie!  It just doesn’t seem to do it for me, but I have customers who gladly buy it, 6 bars at a time!  As a testament to how ‘real’ the scent is, whenever I’ve warmed it at home, my husband has come in from work and asked me if I’ve been baking!  A well positioned ‘Corner Cafe’ fragrance.

  7. Black Raspberry Vanilla

    Black Raspberry Vanilla

    I adore this one, the sharp, yet delicate, fruity notes blend perfectly with the warm vanilla, to produce a glorious homely fragrance that just puts a smile on your face when you warm it.

  8. Just Breathe

    Just Breathe

    From the ‘Spa’ collection, Just Breathe, contains eucalyptus, blended with citrus notes and minty freshness.  In addition to smelling flipping fab when used ordinarily, it is also a wonderful sinus-soother for when you’re feeling blocked up with a cold, and whilst I can’t make any medical claims to its use, many customers report that they often reach for it when they, or a family member, are congested with a stuffy nose or blocked sinuses, with good results.

  9. Love Story

    Love Story

    As the name might suggest, Love Story can be found in the ‘Romance’ Collection. I didn’t pay much attention to Love Story in my early days as a Scentsy Consultant, until one of my shiny, new customers bought some, and then contacted me to rave on about how wonderful it was.  On her recommendation I treated myself to a bar, and put in 2 cubes…and then I got it! <3  My customer, now a firm friend, still loves it, and stocks up regularly, and I always make sure there’s a bar in my personal stash too!

  10. Newborn Nursery

    Newborn Nursery

    That oh so familiar scent of baby powder!  It’s no wonder this is in the favourites category, and also in the top ten, because it’s a fragrance that everyone can relate to, and triggers happy memories in (nearly) all, for a variety of reasons!  I remember one lady at party once commenting that it reminded her of the nappy bin, at which another lady piped up, that if her nappy bin smelled this good, she must have been very lucky indeed! haha!

As you might expect, seven of the ten bars listed above, can be found in the ‘Favourites’ scent category – there’s a great blog post on the ScentsyBlog, on how Scentsy decides which fragrances to include in each catalogue, which ones to discontinue, and it touches briefly on how fragrances earn their way into the ‘Favourites’ collection.  They are the stellar sales performers across the whole fragrance range.  If my sales are any measure of how these bars perform across the rest of Region 2, it is my guess that the other three bars in my top ten best sellers will no doubt be around for a good while too, and unlikely to feature in a ‘Discontinued’ list any time soon…I hope!

Last month’s commission just hit my bank account, and having re-kindled my scent memories this afternoon, I think I might just have to spend a little of it on some of my favourites. :-)

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Featured Products for April 2014

Each month I feature a selection of products — praise-worthy warmers, delectable fragrances, convenient Fragrance On the Go picks — and share them with you. If you need a great gift idea or are new to the Scentsy experience, check out these recommendations first!

I’m so enjoying sharing the new Spring & Summer catalogue, and the feedback (and orders) I’m getting from my customers is showing me that they are loving it too! I’m going to introduce a few more of the new products this month.  With Easter coming up in a couple of weeks, any of these would make fabulous gifts ;-)


Flowers Wrap - Silhouette CollectionFlowers – Silhouette Collection
(wrap only)
A vision of cheerfulness, Flower features the classic outline of a full-bodied bloom.


Forever YoursForever Yours – Scentsy Fragrance
(from the Romance collection)
Sweet, creamy lemon and enchanting jasmine: a rhapsody of devotion.


 Metal Frame - Copper CosmoCopper Cosmo frame – Gallery Collection
Make a bold statement with the eclectic and modern design of Copper Cosmo.


Peony PetalsPeony Petals – Scentsy Fragrance
(from the Romance Collection)
Peony and rose petals dance on a soft breeze.


TravertineTravertine Core – Premium Warmer
The smooth, classic look of travertine is captured in porcelain, adding a warm and earthy glow when lit.
As the name suggests, Travertine Core can also be purchased as part of the Silhouette Collection, and can be used with any of the Wraps!

BananaberryBananaberry – Scentsy Fragrance
(from the Corner Café Collection)
Lusciously sweet banana cream layered with succulent strawberries.

Flower VineFlower Vine – Deluxe Warmer
Happy spring flowers and curling tendrils dance in glowing white porcelain.

Rhubarb Berry JamRhubarb Berry Jam – Scentsy Fragrance
A medley of sweet berries and tart rhubarb, like homemade preserves.

Zen RockZen Rock – Element Warmer
Inspired by tranquil spa rocks, Zen Rock combines sleek modern design with the soothing, organic tones of nature.

Atlas CedarAtlas Cedar – Scentsy Fragrance
(from the Scentsy Man Collection)
Complex blend of cedar, patchouli, and a dash of black pepper: the essence of intrigue.

Cluck the ChickenCluck the Chicken – Limited Edition Buddy
Cluck the Chicken leads the fluffy flock with soft white feathers and a jaunty red comb. Cluck comes alive when you place the Scent Pak in the zippered pocket in his back. 
The adorably feathery Cluck truly is a Limited Edition, and only a set number have been made…once they’re gone, they’re gone!

ShakaShaka – Scentsy Fragrance
(From the Scentsy Man Collection)
Classically cool: rich sandalwood infused with a splash of bergamot and lime.

Happy Shopping! :-)

Zen Rock - styled


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Huge Savings on April’s Special Offer

I’m very excited to present our ‘Spring Bundle’, offering you unbeatable value with our ‘Easter Egg’ Premium Scentsy Warmer, and three of our most popular Scentsy wax bars for just €36 / £30.

2014 Spring Bundle

Nothing says “spring” like a wash of pastel colours, cheerful flowers, and fragrances that put a skip in your step. Celebrate the change in seasons “Scentsy style” with our limited time Spring Bundle. It contains:

plus, a 3-pack of Scentsy Bars:

This is a limited time offer, during the month of April only, with over 400 packs sold in the first few days – it is available while stocks last.
Get yours right now…or send a Spring Bundle gift to friends and loved ones. Remember you can send these direct to any address in Ireland, the UK, Poland, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Italy, Austria and Germany.

2014 Spring Bundle Details

This offer really is exceptional value for money, and gives you an amazing saving of €23.75 / £20 against the regular retail price!
But, for April’s lucky party hosts, it gets even better! This offer is also available to purchase as part of the host credits, so anyone hosting a party during the month of April could potentially buy this bundle with their half price credits, meaning a Premium Warmer and 3 bars, for just £15/€18!…that’s an unbelievable price, and in my opinion it is simply too good to miss!  Party hosts could even get it completely FREE with their free credit!  Wouldn’t that be fab! :-)

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Sweet Dreams

I’m a little late to the Washer Whiffs party, but I’m so glad I finally made it!

Clover the Cow / Washer Whiffs

My Scentsy Buddy, Clover the Cow, showing off our French Lavender Washer Whiffs

I’ll confess that I wasn’t sure what to make of Washer Whiffs, because I wasn’t entirely sure why or how they worked.  I think that laundry scent booster products, used in addition to normal laundry detergents, are perhaps more widely used in the US, and I guess it just wasn’t a concept I was familiar with.

However, I’ve been intrigued by these Washer Whiffs since they were introduced to the European Scentsy catalogues, and had already put some thought into which fragrance I wanted to try, and what I wanted to achieve with it.  I had decided a while back that I would get the French Lavender Washer Whiffs, and use them on my bedding.  French Lavender has long been used in aromatherapy, and other holistic therapies, for relaxation and as a sleeping aid, so choosing to use French Lavender Washer Whiffs on my bedding seemed like a no-brainer!

French Lavender

French Lavender (Photo credit:

Whilst submitting a recent basket party order for one of my customer’s, I added myself as a party guest, and treated myself to some French Lavender Washer Whiffs with some of my Scentsy commission.  That way, it was win-win for both of us!  I got to treat myself to a new Scentsy product, and my lovely party host had a boost to her party sales, which in turn boosted her Party Host Credits.

French Lavender Washer Whiffs

Washer Whiffs are an innovative product in Scentsy’s Laundry Care range, whereby you can incorporate your favourite Scentsy fragrances into your laundry, and make putting on freshly laundered clothing a Scentsy-fresh experience every time!  You can rest assured that they are non-toxic, not tested on animals, and contain no animal byproducts.

The Washer Whiffs were so easy to use, and you really don’t need to use very much, so the bottle will last for ages!  I just sprinkled half a cap-full into the washing machine drum, used my normal washing detergent, and started the wash cycle.  When the bedding came out of my washing machine it smelled amazing.  I put the wet bedding into my tumble dryer and when it came out after drying, it smelled fantastic, and now the freshly laundered bedding is on my bed and it smells beautiful!

washer whiffs

After such a successful introduction to using Washer Whiffs, and in a frenzy of wanting everything to smell equally as good, I later washed a batch of bath towels and used the Washer Whiffs once again – and now every time I go into the airing cupboard all I can smell is the fabulous French Lavender fragrance.  Thank you Scentsy!

I simply cannot wait to get into bed tonight!

Next on my Scentsy Shopping List is the Vanilla Suede Washer Whiffs, and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on those.

Vanilla Suede Washer Whiffs


If, like I was, you’re a little unsure about whether you might want to use Washer Whiffs….trust me, you do!

Here’s the science bit…


 PS – I’m absolutely not ashamed of the creases in my freshly laundered bedding – in my opinion life’s too short to be ironing bedding – it smells good, and that’s much more important! ;-)


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Could you be a 2014 Shooting Star?

Just a quick update on last year’s “Could you be a Shooting Star?” blog post, feast your eyes on the current Shooting Star flyer:

2014 Shooting Star flyer

Click for the UK Shooting Star Flyer

Click for the German Shooting Star Flyer (Deutsch)

Click for the Polish Shooting Star Flyer (Polsku)

Achieving my Shooting Star Award and earning the Shooting Star Enhancement Kit was a huge boost to me when I was first starting out with Scentsy, and whilst 500 PRV in 15 days might seem a daunting target, with the right support and mentorship, you can hit the ground running when your Starter Kit arrives, and be earning PRV in no time!

I am currently recruiting for the following countries:  UK, Ireland, Germany & Poland

Curious?  Contact me to learn more ;-)

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